What Does Provillus Do for Women’s Hair Loss?

female pattern baldingFor women, hair is an important aspect in the image they want to project. It is every woman’s crowning glory and a beautiful head of hair can boost her charm which is why it is a terrible situation if there are a lot more hairs that fall instead of those that grow. But do not worry about that any longer as there is a treatment called Provillus for Women that can resolve the problem of female pattern baldness.

Provillus  is a therapy regimen certified for hair regrowth. The therapy is in fact composed of 2 parts. The first part is an active serum of 2 % minoxidil. This is the Food and Drug Administration authorized option for hair regrowth. It is topical in application where in you are going to use 1ml of this solution into your balding area. Note that there is no additional advantage if you utilize more than the recommended dosage or use it more frequently. Follow the instructions and continue with the treatment to continue regrowing your hair.


It is very important that you read the label of Provillus for women and afterwards follow. It is specified that it is to be used on the scalp, specifically the top of the head just. You are not to use it on any other part of your body to regrow some hair. If your hair loss is extreme, the treatment might not work for you. It is likewise contraindicated if you do not know the reason of your hair thinning or that your problem is sudden and patchy.

Those who are under 18 years of age are not to utilize this product. And, since this is a topical agent, you must not utilize it if your scalp is irritated, infected or inflamed. You are not expected to make use of Provillus for women hair product if you are using some other treatments on your scalp to prevent drug-drug interaction.

On the other hand, you ought to stop using Provillus for women if you observe no impact in 4 months time, you see facial hair to be expanding, you experience weight gain, chest pain, palpitations, lightheadedness, swelling of your feet or if your scalp gets irritated upon use.

Provillus for women is a 2 part procut where the person making use of the product should also take 2 tablets. These tablets are made from natural herbs and they are packed with minerals and DHT inhibitors to revitalize the hair follicles, making them ideal for hair regrowth.

These tablets, which we call “hair vitamins”, are comprised of biotin, magnesium, paramino benzoic acid, horsetail silica, sodium Lauryl Sulfate, gelatin and water. This part of the product requires that you take your pills but they have no adverse effects. Keep in mind that all the components of these “hair vitamins” are natural.

Provillus for women is easy to use as you just need to use a solution and take tablets. You can expect favorable outcomes after four months of continuous use. As specified above, if you observe otherwise, better consult your doctor and cease use.

There are many statements on its effectiveness. Why not try Provillus. It just might be the response you are looking for.

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