Provillus Reviews

When looking at Provillus Reviews, there are 3 areas of major importance: results, any possible side effects, and how the Better Business Bureau rate this company.

So firstly, results. What do people say about Provillus results?

Well extended searches on the net reveal that the vast majority of people are more than satisfied with the results they have gotten from this product. Most people experience hair regrowth and healthier hair. However one issue many people have is that it is not a quick solution. It is recommended that you use this product for 6 months to see maximum results. Although some people have seen results after between 6 to 8 weeks, it is definitely not an over night cure.

Secondly, are there any side effects?

Thankfully none have been observed. This is representative of its non-prescription status and presumably because of its all natural ingredients. In fact, one of the most common side effects, acne, will be alleviated due to the presence of many herbs beneficial to skin in this treatment.

Thirdly how does the BBB rate this company?

The BBB is the Better Business Bureau and it’s important when you buy anything on line to make sure the product carries the BBB stamp of approval. The BBB rate Provillus at B+ is a Very High Rating.

So overall, this product holds up pretty well. It is the combination of natural ingredients meaning no side effects and good results that are the main reason for its current popularity. This in addition to its low price.

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